Shaker Boxes and Other Products

Our Shaker boxes and wood products are works of art. You want quality in what you purchase. All of our products are crafted with patience and skill. Brent Rourke spends many hours carefully handcrafting these quality Shaker oval boxes and carriers to last for generations so that you'll be proud to display them in your home. A larger image of most products is available for viewing by clicking on the image.

We stand behind our products. If your Bent Rourke cutting/serving board is looking tired, stop by our store any time during business hours and one of our staff will gladly do maintenance on it and give you tips on how to care for and maintain your board for a lifetime of use.

Shipping fees apply to Continental North America only.


Tea Box

Store your tea in style with our traditional shaker box. The dividers help keep your different types of tea organized. The lid is beautifully laser engraved. Make your friends jealous when you serve them tea. Or give a bride a present that's sure to be one of her favorites.

10" L x 7" W x 2" H

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Knitter's Box
$96.00 up

Finished inside as well as out, this beautiful basket will keep your handwork stylishly in one place. Or imagine it gracing your table or mantle, filled with dried flowers. It's a perfect gift for either yourself, or a friend.

10" L x 7" W x 7 1/2" H
13" L x 10" W x 8 1/4" H


Swing Handle Boxes
$54.00 up

Swing handle boxes were historically used by the Shakers as a sewing box. They're available in all cherry, cherry with a birds-eye maple lid or all birds-eye maple. A stylish storage solution, they're beautiful enough to be purely decorative.

All Cherry Wood
$54 - $124


Cherry with Birds-Eye Maple Lid
$54 - $70


All Birds-Eye Maple
$60 - $74


Cheese Boards

A practical gift idea for the entertainer in the family. Available in cherry or birdseye maple with matching handcrafted knife.


Cherry "Notions" Box

You can now store your needles, thread, and other notions in our traditional Shaker box. Fitted with removable dividers and beautifully engraved. Keep your notions handy because you don't want to hide this box away.

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Covered Knitter's Box
$104 up

Our beautiful cherry knitter's box is now available, not only in two sizes, but also with or without a lid. The lid protects and covers your handiwork ... or you can leave it open on display and so your knitting supplies are readily available.


Living Edge Serving Boards

Handcrafted from beautiful hard maple, each board can be used for either cutting or serving. We've left one edge natural, giving each board a unique look. And each board is reversible - you could use one side for cutting and the other for serving. Can you imagine these stylish boards in your kitchen? Your friends will be envious.

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Abstract Art Serving Board
$70.00 up

Beautiful hardwood boards created by combining Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. Finished with food safe wax.


Dory Basket
$36.00 up

The 'dory boat' has been used for hundreds of years by Atlantic Canadian and New England fishermen. We have adapted the style into a useful basket for bread, fresh fruit or decorating. Made from cherry wood with copper rivets, the dory basket is finished with food-safe mineral oil.

3" W x 15" L x 4 3/4" H
4" W x 19" L x 5 3/4" H
4 3/4" W x 23"L x 6 1/4" H


Shaker Oval Boxes
$36.00 up

This is the box that was given as a gift to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Made the same way as the Shakers did for over 150 years with copper tacks and small wooden dowels. Our boxes are available in all cherry, birds-eye maple, or cherry with a birds-eye maple lid.

You won't believe some of the innovative uses our Shaker oval boxes have been put to by Maria Pinto, the fashion designer to Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.



Memories Box

Our largest box to date. Generous in size, perfect to hold everything on that special day. Available in birds eye maple (shown) and cherry.
6" H x 16" L x 12" W


Shaker Utensil Tray
$72.00 up

Available in natural cherry or birds-eye maple, the perfect addition for your table to hold those favourite wooden utensils.
4 5/8 H x 14 1/4 L x 10 1/4 W


Jewellry Box

We combined our #4 box and our bureau tray to make this delightful jewelery box. It will be a beautiful addition to any dresser! Available in natural cherry or birds-eye maple.


Shaker Bureau Tray

The perfect gift for the man in your life; a place to empty his pockets at the end of a busy day. All cherry or all birds-eye maple.
1 1/2" H x 8 1/4" L x 5 3/4" W


BEN'S Honey Dipper
$11 each

Designed by Brent's son and turned from cherry and figured maple. Perfect for dripping honey onto your fresh toast or into your favorite tea or coffee.


Pencil Box
$60 each

They're back by popular demand. Besides being reminiscent of a bygone era, this pencil box is crafted with quality to hold up to today's busy lifestyle. Handcrafted with a box joint and a beautiful sliding lid, they're perfect on your desk or in your bag. Crafted from combinations of cherry, walnut and maple.

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Whale Tongs
$36 each

One of our sales reps sold this product. It was a very popular product for years. When she could no longer procure the tongs, she came to use and asked if we coul make them. And we did! This lovely, functional serving tong is bent cherry with a magnetic spring, making it a pleasure to use. Who doesn't love a whale?

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Scottish Spurtles
$13 each

The traditional Scottish oatmeal stirrer has a long history in Scotland. Historically, the spurtle was used to stir oats as they slowly cooked and softened. Still suitable today for stirring porridge, but also great for stirring frozen juices, batter and dough. Beautifully turned in cherry or maple.

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Mojito Muddlers
$15 each

"Muddler" - a bartender's tool used to muddle or mash fruit and herb combinations in the bottom of the Mojito drink glass, releasing the flavours. Turned from select North American hardwood, our Mojito muddler is the perfect addition to any bar. You could also use it to crush fresh herbs for your favourite recipes.

View Mojito recipe.

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Candle Stand

Our Candle Stand is an elegant table, either 17" round or square and 26" tall. Made from figured maple, the table is finished in a red stain that is sure to be a stand out item in your home.

17" wide by 26" high.

Contact us to discuss pricing for other wood/finish options. You can customize this table by choosing the best woods and finishes to coordinate with your existing furnishings.

Top Shape:

Gift Certificates
$50.00 up

Be an angel and give a great gift that will please even the pickiest person. It's a wonderful way to make sure someone on your gift list gets exactly what they want. These certificates can be used towards either products or workshops.


Food-safe Bees Wax Finish

This salad-bowl finish is available in 2 oz. jars for maintaining the beauty and durability of our serving boards.

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